If you have not used stroller before and looking for some best stroller that is easy to use for first-time moms and dads, then we have reviewed some of such strollers that are quite fit for new parents.

Before you choose a stroller, you have to keep in mind some of the things that will help you in choosing the correct and desired stroller.

5 Best Strollers For First Time Moms 2020

How to choose the best stroller as a first time mom?

Choice of the best baby stroller for first time parents depends upon the following factors. Make sure to keep in mind these factors when you purchase a stroller either from a store or online.

  • Stroller’s weight and height capacity: You must check how much is the maximum weight and height capacity of the stroller and also know the weight and height of your baby.
  • The age limit of stroller: Different strollers come with different age limits. Some are for newborns and others for infants and toddlers. Some are also for all ages. Make sure which age stroller you need.
  • Jogging or walking stroller: Some strollers are designed durable for jogging and some are designed for walking. You should check your daily routine and know which of these best suits you.
  • Running or travel system stroller: Strollers that are designed for travel system come with an infant car seat that is attached with the stroller and are lightweight as well for easy carrying. Some are designed for parents who run for exercise having their baby with them.
  • Regular Strollers and double strollers: Double strollers are used for twins or two babies of almost equal age. Regular strollers are the most widely used strollers and good for most of the everyday activities.

Now we review some baby strollers that we have chosen as the best strollers for new parents (Moms and dads).

Best Lightweight and Easy to Fold Stroller for New Moms

This is one of the best strollers for new moms and dads. If you are going to use baby stroller for the first time and your baby is above 6 months then, you should try this one.

Why we recommended this: The features of this stroller are very easy to adjust and as a first-time mom, you will understand it better. Lightweight and large basket for storage are other best features and the price is much affordable.

Lightweight Stroller:

Weight of 12 pounds is even less than the weight of the baby above 6 months and you can fold it in a simple way and carry it anywhere you like. It is also the best stroller for traveling.


If we talk about durability, it is made from the aluminum frame that you know how durable it will be. It is the most durable in this weight.


The seat reclines and baby can sleep comfortably. Canopy shades the face of the baby completely. You can feel ease when walking because the baby will be comfortable and you can also leave him sleeping even if you reach home if you wish.

Ride Performance:

This stroller is not fit for all terrains but you can use it on store aisles and sidewalks. Overall, this stroller has a good ride performance and first-time moms will not find any problems.

  • Much lightweight
  • Very easy to fold this stroller
  • Hand carrying strap
  • Comfortable and reclining seat
  • Canopy covers the babyface completely
  • Smooth ride on the smooth surface
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Enough storage space with cupholder
  • Comfortable handles
  • Very affordable price
  • Not good for rough terrains and shakes
  • Upright position reclines slightly that does not feel good for older babies

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Best Jogging Stroller For New Parents

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is our 2nd best and cheap stroller for first-time moms and dads. In a low budget, it provides you a lot that you can find in the expensive baby strollers. It is one of the affordable baby strollers.

Swivel Wheel:

The front wheel with a swivel can be locked in place that is good for safety. The swivel can also slow down your speed. The baby trend stroller has swivel as well as can be used for running.

Ride performance:

This stroller has a good ride performance even at bumpy terrains and sidewalks. The wheels are quite big just like the wheels of the bicycle. Back wheel brakes are very good and work in a great way to prevent you from any damage. Even if you move downhill, these brakes will keep your baby safe.

Five-Point Harness:

You can lock your baby at his/her place with a five-point harness that is the safest way of protecting your baby.


The canopy is large enough to cover a large area and there are no holes in the canopy to prevent sunlight on the baby’s eyes. If you wish, you can also roll it.

Storage Basket:

Parent console and storage basket are two essentials. Parent console can be used to store baby bottles etc while under the seat basket is not big enough and difficult to access with a baby in the stroller.

Fold and Travel:

You can fold this stroller if you want to travel anywhere. Folding this stroller is some complex that could be difficult for first-time parents in the beginning. It seems bulky when folded.

  • Storage basket under the seat
  • Parent console for placing bottles etc.
  • Front-wheel swivel and in place locking
  • Five-point harness for baby’s safety
  • Good canopy with many rotation options
  • Good riding performance on all terrains
  • Two feet brakes
  • Budget-friendly stroller for first time moms
  • Difficult to fold
  • Becomes a little bulky after folding
  • Seat lacks side padding
  • Wheel wobbles a bit at high speed
  • Does not have hand brake

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Best Stroller For Small Space

This one is also the best stroller for new moms because it also has some simple features that you can understand better and get excellent experience.

Simple Folding:

The folding is done in 2 very simple steps that make it easy for moms using the stroller for the first time.

Comfortable seat and recline:

The seat is much comfortable with multi-position recline for the baby to sleep even when you are on the go. The large seat can also accommodate big babies.


You can use this baby stroller for newborns as well who cannot sit unassisted. Some people use it until 5 to 6-year-olds. This durable stroller will last longer with your baby from newborn to toddler age.

Best travel system:

You can simply turn this stroller into a travel system. But you will have to buy an infant car seat separately.


The canopy of this model is large enough to protect the baby from sunlight and rain. It is not the biggest one but enough to cover the baby. UPF 50+ fabric construction of canopy is useful to protect the baby from harmful rays of the sun.

Weight and fold size:

The weight is 13 lbs that is very small and easy to carry. The maximum weight limit of the stroller is 55 lbs. When you fold the stroller, the size is so small to be carried in the plane or train easily. If you want to keep it in your car or anywhere else, it will be accommodated in a small space.

Ride Performance:

The swivel front wheels can also be locked for rough terrains. These wheels are excellent for smooth planes but not good for bumpy terrains.

Storage bin and brakes:

The storage bin is present under the seat with easy access and ability of 11 lbs weight but only for small items. Brake system is present but difficult to use.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Best for travelling even on the plane
  • Multi-recline position for a comfortable sleep
  • Big and comfortable seat for large babies
  • Best for newborns to toddlers age
  • Compatible with infant car seat and carrycot
  • Enough canopy size to prevent sun rays
  • Fits in overhead compartments and under the seat when travelling
  • Wheels not good for rough terrains
  • The basket under the seat is not for big items
  • Handles are also not adjustable and bad for 6 feet+ people

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Best & Easy to Use Stroller For New Moms

This stroller is easy to use with many features and can do a lot for new moms and dads. You can use it for your baby from birth to 75 pounds.


With two hands, you can fold it in simple four steps very quickly and unfold is even easier. Without any handle, it is hard to lift and carry it.

Brakes & Storage Bin:

Brakes are located near the rear axle and very easy to operate with the foot. The storage bin is located at the back and has pockets in it as well. It is easy to access and can accommodate big items also.

Canopy: The canopy is quite large with mesh ventilation and magnet closure. This is almost very good.


The 5-points harness is padded and easy to adjust and use. Harness ring helps in quick and easy adjustments.

Car Seat Attachment:

You cannot attach a standard car seat with it without buying the adapter separately. However, this stroller is compatible with seats from BOB, Britax, Chicco, and Peg Perego.

Swivel Wheel:

It is easy to push and turn this stroller with one hand on hard surfaces. You can push it over rough surfaces comfortably and the swivel wheel can also be locked if you push it over bumpy roads to keep the stroller moving straight. It is very reliable and easy, especially for new moms and dads.

Weight and Height Capacity:

The maximum weight capacity of this stroller is 75 pounds and the maximum height accommodation of the baby is 44 inches.

Adjustable Handle and Fold Size:

The handlebar is adjustable to 9 positions and you can adjust it according to you very easily. When you fold this stroller, it becomes quite bulky and requires more storage space. You can also detach wheels but it does not make a lot of difference.


Overall, this stroller has very good performance and the frame made of aluminum is quite durable. Seat padding is very comfortable and all the features mentioned above work well.

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Large storage bin with interior pockets
  • Comfortable padding of the seat
  • Giant canopy for shading baby
  • An excellent stroller for jogging ever
  • Quite heavy and difficult to lift
  • Becomes bulky when folded requiring more storage space

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Best Stroller From Birth To Toddler Age

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 is the latest 2020 version of the vista that has very good features and it can do a great job for you with its many features that are easy to use for new moms. This stroller can accommodate one as well as three babies and you can adjust the seat.


The regular seat of VISTA V2 supports babies from 3 months to 40 inches height. No-rethread five-point safety harness enables quick and easy adjustment of the seat because you have to pull in and out the straps from holes.
The seat is reversible and very comfortable for your baby. During recline, footrest moves with backrest for the comfort of the baby. The seat was comfortable even in the 2019 version and now this one is much more comfortable with advanced features.

Bassinet Quality:

The bassinet of this stroller is almost better than all the other strollers. It accommodates your newborn till 25 inches. You can unzip the back panel of canopy for better air circulation on hot days. This bassinet is also approved as the primary sleeper for babies.

More Babies Configuration:

If you have two babies, you can adjust it for them even if they are not twins. This stroller can expand into double and you can also attach a piggyback board for your third baby.

Best Travel System:

You can convert this stroller into a travel system by using MESA infant car seat that attaches without any adapter. For other car seats, Chicco, Maxi, Cybex, Cosi and Nuna, etc. you have to purchase the adapter kit. It is not compatible with all models of the car seats.


This model of VISTA has a large canopy with three panels and the third one opens with zipper. It has two mesh windows and good ventilation. Your baby is safe from the rays of the sun and feels comfortable.

Brakes and Storage Bin:

The brakes of this stroller work well. These brakes are feet-based and you can even use barefooted. Green and red color code let you know if you have pressed or released the brakes.

Storage basket is much larger and can accommodate different items up to 30 lbs. The design of basket is very sleek and pockets are for storing small items.

Weight and Folding:

It is a medium weight stroller (about 27 pounds) and you can fold it easily with one hand that makes it good for new moms. VISTA V2 also has an automatic lock and self-stand.

  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Primary sleeper approved bassinet
  • Giant canopy with the best ventilation
  • You can use for two or even three kids
  • Large storage basket
  • Wheels can handle many terrains
  • Easy folding
  • You can also fold it if two seats are attached
  • Double stroller becomes bulky
  • Navigation is difficult in tight space
  • 27 pounds weight is difficult to lift

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Final Thoughts

After reading a brief review of some best strollers for new moms, you can better decide which one of these meets your needs and budget.
Make a choice and get the best one now before it runs away.

Make sure to check the height and weight limit before you buy any of these strollers.