How To Collapse Bob Stroller?
Collapse Bob Strollers

You need to collapse a stroller if you want to store or transport it. Sometimes it becomes challenging to collapse a stroller for newbies. If you are using any stroller of BOB, then we will guide you thoroughly to fold your stroller.

BOB has many different models of strollers and their folding mechanism may vary. Knowing the category of your model, you can read the steps to collapse the stroller.

Here are the folding steps for different bob strollers.

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Collapsing BOB Single Stroller

If you are using a single stroller of BOB, no matter which model because there are many models, then you can use these simple steps to collapse BOB Single Stroller.

  • Empty your stroller from stored items of you and your baby if any.
  • Place hands on sides of the handlebar and press them towards the middle on red tabs.
  • First, lift hand bars up and then forward.
  • A red handle will appear from the rear of your stroller, push it back and your stroller is folded.

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BOB Double Stroller Collapsing

For a double stroller of BOB, you can learn easily to collapse it in just a single second. Follow the steps below and fold your BOB stroller in seconds.

  • Empty your stroller
  • Grab both handles with your hands and press the red buttons on both sides
  • Push the stroller up and then forward, it will move downward
  • Pull the red handle from the back toward you and the stroller will be collapsed
  • Use straps to tie up for travel or storage

Folding a BOB Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers of BOB look bulky but you can fold them easily. Although there are some models that are compact and lightweight, many of the jogging models are heavy and bulky.

You can collapse jogging strollers of BOB in the following steps.

  • If the handlebar of your jogging stroller is adjustable, then raise it
  • Set rear parking brakes with the help of your foot
  • Press levers and move the seat in the forward direction
  • Pull the red handle toward yourself from the back
  • Connect red buckles to lock the stroller after folding completely
  • Remove front and rear wheels to make your stroller more compact

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Collapsing a BOB Double Jogging Stroller

Here are the steps for folding a double jogging stroller of BOB.

  • In the first step, set parking brakes locked
  • Remove your baby and empty the stroller from stored items in the basket and pockets
  • Unlock the Seat Retention Strap
  • Press the levers on the handlebar and move it in the forward direction
  • Push the red handle in the backward direction
  • You should use a wrist strap buckle to make your stroller secure when collapsed fully
  • You can also remove the wheels to make it more compact

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These were the big categories of strollers that BOB offers. Almost all the strollers of BOB can be collapsed after reading these steps because all of them belong from either of these categories.