A stroller is allowed in international flights but different airline companies have their own policies. By following the policies of the airline company you are traveling through, you can take the baby stroller with you.

Many airline companies do not allow you to travel with a stroller in the cabinet. Some of the companies let you take the stroller as luggage. You can also read stroller policies for different airlines here.

In emirates flight, you can carry a baby stroller that is fully collapsible. Compact and lightweight strollers are easy to carry while traveling.

Is a Stroller Allowed in International Flight?
Stroller in International Flight

How To Protect Your Stroller While Flying?

When you are flying with the stroller, it may be challenging to keep the stroller safe. You or airport staff may get it damaged or dirty. The best solution to keep your stroller safe is to buy a stroller bag.

There are a lot of stroller bags that can keep your stroller safe and clean. When you have a stroller bag, you do not need to care about the safety of your stroller.

Which Strollers are Allowed in Flight?

There is no restriction for any type of stroller and almost all the strollers are allowed in flight. The large size and heavy strollers can create difficulties for you. It is recommended to get a small and lightweight stroller that has a very small folded size.

Some airplane companies give you a choice to give them your stroller and they also give you a receipt so that you can receive it at the end of your flight.

Can You Bring a Stroller on Plane Without a Baby?

If you are not traveling with a baby but only with a baby stroller, it is not a problem for you because you can take your stroller as checked luggage.

When you travel with a baby, you can take baby items like a stroller free of cost depending upon the booking class.