Baby Trend Expedition and Baby Trend Navigator are two best and affordable double strollers for jogging. These are most loved double jogging strollers because all you need in a stroller comes here at very affordable budget.

All strollers below $250 are considered to be affordable and in this case, when finding double as well as jogging strollers, we found only two strollers that are double jogging strollers and cheap prices.

Best Affordable Double Jogging Strollers
Best Affordable Double Jogging Strollers

As you know jogging strollers are expensive than all regular strollers and when it comes to double jogging strollers, the price goes even more high making it difficult to find the cheap one.

We also have reviewed the best double strollers for jogging regardless of the price. We have pick all the best strollers you can use for jogging with two babies. Find it here.
7 Best Double Strollers For Jogging

How to choose an affordable double stroller for jogging?

Don’t worry if you have a small budget for the stroller, we are here to help you in choosing the best jogging stroller for your two babies.

Jogging strollers are expensive and those with advanced features become even more expensive. The high price for most of the jogging strollers is their advanced and reliable features that are good for your comfort and mainly not for the comfort of the baby.

It is also true that the most expensive jogging strollers are much durable and give some extra comfort to the baby. But you should also know that there are jogging strollers that are cheap but not bother the baby a bit.

You have to choose the double jogging stroller in which many features of your comfort are absent. This will disturb only your comfort and bother you a bit but your baby will be safe and comfortable.

The two strollers reviewed here are chosen very carefully and are perfect for those people looking for some best double jogging stroller on a budget.

Best & Cheapest Double Jogging Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition

This is our top best and cheap double jogging stroller that has almost good features available at this low budget. Believe us no other double jogging stroller is better than it at this price. Your baby will remain in every comfort if you have it.

This is very lightweight, easy to fold and comfortable jogging stroller for two babies that you can also use for traveling because it becomes small after folding and tires are also released.

Wheels-Good For All-Terrains

The best thing about this wheel is that it is a three-wheel stroller that does a lot for jogging. Three wheel strollers are considered to be best than four-wheel strollers if you are a runner. These are safe and give you a smooth ride as if you are traveling in the air.

Front swivel wheel can be locked when moving straight with speed and it is good in case if you get dark while coming back home. The locked front wheel helps you move straight with great speed.

The back wheels are 16″ and the front wheel is 12″. These rubber pneumatic bicycle tires are air-filled that gives you a smooth and comfortable ride experience. The suspension on these wheels makes your journey smooth on uneven terrains.

Quality & Durability

This stroller is quite durable that can last for a long time and has the capacity to carry 2 kids of 100 pounds (50 pounds each).

Although this stroller has a durable frame, it is also lightweight. You can move it easily from one place to another.

Seats & Canopies

The seats of the Baby Trend Expedition are well-padded for the comfort of the baby. 5-point safety harness keeps your baby safe every time and you can move around freely because your baby cannot get out of 5 point safety harness.

These seats are multi-position reclining seats that you can recline to keep your baby comfortable even when sleeping. The canopies are enough to protect the baby from the sun rays.

Folding & Transporting

You can fold this stroller very easily and quickly. This is one of the best features of this stroller that is considered by everyone who has to transport the stroller from place to place.

With one hand, you can fold this stroller very quickly and easily. Thanks to the lightweight that makes it easy to transport this stroller.

Storage Bin

Everyone needs a good storage basket when you go out for jogging to carry the essentials. You cannot leave anything behind that is important to you like a water bottle. For this, you need an ample storage space that is available in this stroller.

Under the seats, there is a large storage basket where you can place even big items like a diaper bag. You can access this basket from behind and sides of the stroller.

Parent tray is also present that can hold two cups.

Lowest Price

This is the only best double jogging stroller that comes at this low price with so many good features and premium look.

The stroller is though on a cheap budget but quality and durability are not compromised. You really get the very high-quality performance and durability at this affordable price.

Overall Performance

Keeping into consideration all the basic things that are needed in a double jogging stroller, the overall performance is excellent for this stroller.

The only thing we did not like about this stroller is that handlebar is not adjustable that makes it impossible to be adjusted for very tall parents.

  • Reclining seats
  • 3 wheels with front-wheel lockable
  • Large storage space
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Lightweight
  • Foot-activated brakes
  • Durable construction
  • Good working brakes
  • Easy to fold
  • Pneumatic rubber tires
  • Air-filled tires are best for all-terrains
  • Multi-position seats with large canopy
  • Affordable budget
  • 2 drink holders for parents
  • Swivel front wheel
  • Quick-release tires for storage
  • JPMA certified
  • It does not accept an infant car seat
  • Some people also reported that front-wheel starts a bit wobbling after using it for a year
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

Best Double Stroller For Jogging At Affordable Price: Baby Trend Navigator

This is our second best double jogging stroller that also comes at a very affordable price. It is an excellent double stroller for jogging and for runners because it has durable construction and proves comfortable for the baby.


Both the seats of this stroller and recline for the comfort of the baby. Each of the seats moves independently of the other and keeps every baby comfortable where he/she likes.

The buckles used to recline seats require two hands to operate and are adjustable at one side. Seats have enough reclining but not for sleeping.

Both the seats have a 5-point safety harness that can be adjusted according to the height. Safety harness holds your baby and keeps him safe so that you can become free and have a look at the world around because the baby will not be able to get out of the harness.


The canopies of this stroller are not very good because of the small size. They do not cover the whole baby and provide only protection to the head from the sun when fully opened.

Peek a bow window of both the canopies is also medium-sized. Sizes of canopies are disappointing but you have to compromise on one thing or the other at a low budget.

Best For Twins

This stroller is compatible with two infant car seats that make it perfect for twins. But it will work with Baby Trend car seats only.

It is difficult to install the seats and once they are installed they do not look much secure. The canopies cover the seats and the baby.

Storage Basket & Brakes

The storage bin is present below the seats that can be accessed from the back and sides. It can hold large items but maximum weight capacity is the only 5 lbs that are not enough for items of two babies.

Parent console has two cup-holders but cannot hold taller cups or glasses while strolling. A child tray is also present.

Pockets are also present at the back of each seat that can hold your small items.

Double action brakes require you to press two pedals to stop the stroller. It may be hard to press the pedals with the foot.

Folding & Weight

The folding mechanism of this stroller requires two hands and is done in 3 easy steps. It can be locked when folded and has self-stand.

Unfolding this stroller is somewhat difficult than folding but you will be able to do it.

This stroller has 43 lbs weight that is difficult to carry. We cannot say it the best traveling stroller.

  • Multi-position reclining seats
  • 5-point safety harness
  • 2 infant car seat attachment capability
  • Pneumatic rubber tires
  • Thick padding seats
  • good stitching
  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Easy folding in 3 steps
  • Parent console with two cup holders
  • MP3 speakers
  • Covered storage compartment
  • Best for twins
  • Both child trays have two cup holders and one snack depression
  • This stroller is quite easy to push on smooth as well as bumpy terrains
  • Sturdy construction
  • Very affordable budget
  • The weight of 43 lbs is quite heavy
  • 5 lbs storage capacity is less for two babies items
  • Canopies are of small size
  • Straps are not well-padded
  • Becomes bulky after folding making it difficult to store in small spaces
  • Parent console cannot hold taller cups

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Final Thoughts

You read a review of two double jogging strollers that are available at an affordable budget. According to our research, these two are the only double jogging strollers available in the market at a low price.

All the other strollers are high prices. If you are looking for a double stroller in a low budget, then get the one from these before it runs away.