Today, buy a bath seat for your 1-year-old baby and get more convenience at the time to bathe your baby.

The best bath seat is really helpful for you. But make sure to keep a hand on your small baby because he is very weak at the age of one year and can drown in water in case of a small carelessness.

Baby bath seats help a lot but you have to take care of your little baby. We have reviewed some best bath seats and bathtubs for a 1-year-old baby. You can get one of these if you like.

1. Fisher-Price – Best Baby Bath Tub Ever

Fisher-Price - Best Baby Bath Tub Ever
Fisher-Price Baby Bath Tub

Our first recommended and best bathtub for your baby is Fisher-Price. Your baby can take a bath without slipping or sliding. During the bath, the baby is wet and slipping or sliding could be dangerous because a 1-year-old child is not very active. Foam-padded surface helps to prevent slipping and sliding while bathing.

Sling provides soothing experience and you can also remove the sling feature if you like. Sling really gives the baby a pleasant feel during bath.

You can carry it with you while traveling and use it anywhere you like. The design is so pretty that your baby will love it so much you can think.

You can also use this tub with the increasing age of your child from newborn to toddler. Your baby will play with 2 rainforest bath toys that are also included.

2. Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 – Best Bath Seat

Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 - Best Bath Seat
Ingenuity Baby Bath Seat

This seat is included by us as the best bath seat for your baby. You cannot only use it during your baby’s bath but also when you are taking lunch or dinner.

The thing we liked most in this seat is that you can carry it with you to a hotel and restaurant for your baby. If the hotel or restaurant does not have a seat for 1-year-old babies, you will have a good chance to use your own.

On the floor, it can be used for playing and can be used at mealtime by attaching with the dining chair with the help of straps that come along with it.

In short, we have found this one as the best seat for your baby not only for bathing but also for playing and dining. The other good thing is that you can use it up to the age of 4 years.

3. Angelcare Baby Bath Seat – Best and Affordable

Angelcare Baby Bath Seat

It is an affordable bath seat that is very comfortable for your baby. It is made from plastic with soft-touch material.

Although it is made from plastic, it is very durable as well as lightweight. The water drains very rapidly and it is dried quickly.

You can place it directly into the bathtub and be calmful because your baby is secure, comfortable, and enjoying it.

With this bath seat, you will have a secure and hand free bathing for your baby. He/She will really love it. Some babies do not like bathing but such things make them enjoy the bath and they love it.

4. PRIMO EuroBath – Baby Bath Tub

PRIMO EuroBath - Baby Bath Tub
PRIMO EuroBath Baby BathTub

This one is a full bathtub that you can use for a long time for your baby until the age of 24 months. It has two bathing positions for infants and toddlers.

The construction design is really good and has supports for legs and forearms. The stand is also available that can be folded.

Two separate compartments are for shampoo and toys. Infants can lay but toddlers can only sit in this bathtub.

It is quite big demanding more space but it can also be hanged and you can save space. It is made from good quality plastic and is BPA, Lead, Phosphate free.

5. Summer Infant High Bath Tub and Seat For Baby

Summer Infant High Bath Tub
Summer Infant Baby Bath Tub and Seat

This is one of the best bathtubs and seats that are quite comfortable and height is also adjusted for your comfort to bathe your baby.

The insert is also available for newborns that provide incline and can also be removed. The tub is large enough and you can use it for babies of two years.

The extra platform makes it easy for you to reach to your baby’s level while bathing. The platform is very strong and will not break.

It is a very good bathtub with many different designs but it has a bad thing. If you have a boy then it will cause testicles and penis pressed against the hard lump that is not good for your baby boy. However, for baby girl, it is a fit bathtub.

6. The First Years – Cheap Baby Bath Tub

The First Years - Cheap Baby Bath Tub
The First Years Baby Bath Tub

This brand gives you a quite pretty looking bathtub that has a sling and comes at a very cheap price. You can use it even if your baby is small or greater than 1 year. If your baby is 1 year old, it is going to work for the next year as well.

Mesh sling provides a comfortable feel during bath as water runs through it and the baby feels good. You can handle a new baby easily with mesh sling.

You can wash mesh sling in the machine and pads are anti-slip as well as mildew-resistant. Sling is removable.

It is very lightweight and you can fit it over both single and double sinks.

7. Skip Hop – Moby Baby Bath Tub

Skip Hop - Moby Baby Bath Tub
Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

This bathtub of Skip Hop has quite a pretty look and very simple design. You can handle this one easily.

Skip Hop bath tub offers sling for newborns but for your 1 year old baby, that can sit on its own, you can also remove this sling.

The whale-like design and mesh sling make the bath fun for your baby. The bathtub is quite light-weight and you can hang it to conserve space.

It is Pvc-free and Phthalate-free and the interior is non-slip texture. You can use this tub for all the three stages of baby growth i.e it grows with your baby.

The bad thing about this bathtub is that the sling is not mildew-resistant and also starts smelling if a little carelessness is made.

8. Munchkin – Cheapest Baby Bath Tub Ever

Munchkin -  Cheapest Baby Bath Tub Ever
Munchkin Baby Bath Tub

This tab is also one of the best and top-rated. The very good thing about this bath tub is that it is the cheapest one in the market that is best also. Although the design is very simple, the bathtub is awesome.

Munchkin is an inflatable bathtub. It can be deflated and folded making it easy to carry it anywhere along with you.

This is the bathtub that has a White Hot safety disc that is turned white in case of too hot water. This one is also a good feature we liked for the safety of your baby.

The bottom of this tub is textured so that baby would not slip and will always be in access of you. The duck-like design is loved by most of the babies.

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Final Words

After reading the review of some best baby bathtubs and bath seats, you can better decide which one of these you need. Select one that meets your budget and requirements. These were all those bathtubs and bath seats available for a baby of 1 year and we have reviewed them to save your time for making a decision. If you are looking for a budget bathtub then Munchkin Baby Bathtub is an excellent choice. Let’s move now and get one before it runs away.