how often should i bathe my 2 month old baby
2 month old baby bath

You need to be very careful about bathing 2 month old baby. At this age of baby frequent bathing can harm the delicate skin of your baby and may cause Eczema.

2 month old baby does not sweat and get dirty like elders and he/she does not need so much bathing as elders need. They are almost clean every time and few baths are enough in a month.

2 month old baby neat and clean always

Over-bathing your small baby can dry out the skin and make it rashy and itchy. Soaps you use for bathing are mostly irritating for the skin and you should try to reduce their use to minimum.

How Often Should I Bathe My 2 Month Old Baby?

You should wash your 2 month old baby maximum of 2-3 times a weak and try not to use soap everytime. The best strategy is to use soap one-time a week and bathe your baby without any soap rest of the two-times.

If you want to use soap, then go for using soap two-times a week and do not cross this limit. Otherwise, your baby’s skin could be in danger.

using soap two-times a week

If your baby likes bathing, then you can bathe him/her for some time in the bathtub and if he does not like bathing, try to make it as much short as possible. 2 month old baby is very small and may feel uncomfortable or cry during bath that will prove unpleasant for you.

baby likes bathing

Every time you bath your baby make sure to wipe him/her with a cloth. It is very useful to prevent the skin from drying out.

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Tips For Bathing 2 Month Old Baby

All babies have to learn to enjoy bathing. Some of them can learn it fast while some never love bathing. You are lucky if your baby loves bathing because it will create easiness for you at washing times.

If he/she dislikes bathing then you should be more cautious during bath for the safety of your baby.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make bathing awesome and safe for your baby as well as for you.

Maintain Bathing Temperature:

2 month old baby cannot bear even a little high temperature. Small carelessness in maintaining temperature can burn your baby’s skin because his/her skin is very delicate at this age and not like us.

Some bathtubs like Munchkin use White Hot safety disc to determine the temperature of the water. If you check manually, check it with your elbow instead of hands because the elbow is more sensitive to hot water than hands.

Water should be at a normal temperature. It should neither be hot nor cold. Never forget to check it before starting the baby bath.

Never Leave Baby Alone:

Make sure never to leave your baby alone even for a single second. Even if you are using a bathtub make sure to keep your hand on the baby every time.

Never Leave Baby Alone in bathtub

At the age of 2 months, your baby cannot support himself. If you have to leave the room, ask any other elder to attend the baby, or take him with you.

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