Growth of hair starts at the early age of the baby and the parents must care for it from their childhood. The best baby shampoo can play an important role in making the hair smooth and grow faster and thicker.

It is better for you to buy baby shampoos carefully. You have to buy a shampoo for bathing your baby and selection of the best one can prove beneficial instead of going to the store and get one randomly.

The choice of shampoo depends upon your baby’s hair problem causing hair loss. You have to see what is the problem with your baby’s hair. If the problem is the growth of hair due to any reason then we are here to help you in solving this problem.

Although baby shampoos are not a complete solution for growing baby hair, yet they can play an important role. Some shampoos stimulate hair growth by stimulating the production of hair growth hormones slightly and strengthening the hair follicles.

Now we review some of the best baby shampoos that are good for hair growth of your baby.

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1. Puracy Baby Shampoo, Best For Toddlers Hair Growth

This is the best ever shampoo made from totally natural ingredients and tear-free. It will prove comfortable on the delicate scalp of your baby and will not harm.

Natural ingredients of this shampoo can produce suds without sulfates. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is the best ingredient in this shampoo for keeping baby’s skin hydrated.

This shampoo is really gentle and the smell produced is very relaxing. Looking for natural ingredients based shampoo, no other one could be like this.

At a reasonable price, it contains almost all the ingredients while these ingredients are questionable in many other baby shampoos claiming to be made from natural ingredients.

2. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo & Wash at Cheapest Price

This is also the best baby shampoo that comes with a tear-free formula and proves beneficial for stimulating hair growth. This shampoo is excellent for your baby and very budget-friendly. At a very affordable price, Cetaphil gives what your baby needs.

It can clean the baby’s hair as well as skin and does not leave a residue. Although they claim it to be tear-free it is not tear-free. However, it is very gentle on baby’s skin and hair.

This shampoo also gives fragrances that are good for you if you are not allergic to scents. If you are allergic to scents, try to avoid this shampoo. The fragrance is not too strong.

Cetaphil baby shampoo leaves your baby’s skin soft, moisturizing, and hair smooth and glossy.

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3. Weleda Gentle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

The Weleda shampoo is also one of the best shampoos for your baby. It has awesome features that you will really love if you want to buy it for the baby.

Scents used in this shampoo are not too strong and give you a gentle smell that you/your baby would love if not allergic.

No irritation for your baby’s eyes and skin. No taste if one of the bubbles is swallowed accidentally. However, this bubble may harm your body.

Your baby’s hair will be clean, shiny, and smooth after bathing with this shampoo. Long time use gives even better results and it also protects your baby from many harmful skin conditions like eczema.

It does not produce a lot of suds because it is free from such chemicals that produce many suds. Any shampoo producing a lot of suds may contain harmful chemicals bad for your baby.

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4. Burt’s Bees Baby Bath Shampoo

This shampoo is also made from natural ingredients and free from all the harmful chemicals. Every possible attempt has been made to make it chemical-free.

This tear-free formula keeps your baby enjoying the bath time and keeps the skin moisturized preventing from drying out. The smell is also beautiful and light.

This shampoo is made from 95% natural ingredients and protects your baby against harmful skin conditions like eczema. It is safe and cleans very good.

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5. Mustela Foam Shampoo, Best For Baby’s hair

The Mustela Foam Shampoo is not only helpful in stimulating hair growth but also perfect for babies with cradle cap. A little use of this shampoo can run away the cradle cap.

Products with most natural ingredients are perfect for babies and this is the one that contains 99% natural ingredients.

No matter how sensitive is your skin, it will not irritate you a bit. This shampoo is also good for the environment and does not create any type of environmental issue.

Rinsing is very easy and does not require much water as well. After rinsing foam, your baby will smell due to fragrances included.

6. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Best For Newborn’s hair

The Johnson’s shampoos are the most recommended due to gentle formula and very good for newborns. If you have a newborn then you must try this once for better hair growth and it is very affordable as well.

Tear-free formula is really gentle on your baby’s eyes as water and does not cause a little sting. You will not see your baby crying anymore due to sting.

Your baby will smell good after bathing with this shampoo. The smell is not too strong and it is a hypoallergenic product. Allergics should care for it.

It is free from harmful chemicals and could be the best one. The only bad thing about this shampoo is that its pump delivers the product very slowly. This is good for babies as it will not be wasted fast by babies. However, people dislike the pump.

7. Original Sprout Organic Vegan Baby Shampoo & Wash

Rosemary in original sprout shampoo helps stimulating scalp circulation that is good for hair growth in babies. If stimulated in the early age of baby, hair may grow well.

The cleaning action of this shampoo is very powerful as compared to others and it does not leave a bit of residue. All ingredients dissolve in water and wash away on rinsing.

Scents used in this shampoo are also very good and loving. Even some allergic people also found the scents good for them without much irritation.

Baby’s skin will be soft, smelling good, and moisturized after bathing. This shampoo is tear-free also.

8. BELLA B Cradle Cap Shampoo For Baby

This shampoo is also the best one and recommended mostly for babies with cradle cap hair conditions. It can help your baby get rid of it and make the hair smooth and thick.

The smell is also great and it is gentle for sensitive skin of your little baby. Organic and natural ingredients make this shampoo even better.

Although it is one of the best shampoos that works great for a lot of people. However, it did not work for some people and showed zero results. May be their baby had any skin condition due to which it failed. A lot of people are very satisfied with it.

9. Aveeno Baby Gentle Shampoo & Wash For Hair

This is a hypoallergenic shampoo with natural oat extract with ingredients that should be present in a shampoo to be used for babies. It is one of the products made especially for babies.

The formula is tear-free and cleans your baby’s skin and hair without drying and keep moisturized.

It does not irritate babies with sensitive skin because of natural oat extract and soothes the skin. From newborns to elders, it works great.

Scents are not very light and it can prove useful for babies with the eczema skin condition. They will get rid of eczema after using it for one or two weeks.

This shampoo will help your babies in growing hairs thick and fast. Overall it is a very good shampoo for babies.

10. Baby Dove, Tear-Free and Moisturized Shampoo For Baby

This is our last best baby shampoo that keeps the baby’s scalp moisturized and healthy and makes hair thick and strong and also has the ability for stimulating hair growth.

The mild clean formula keeps hair smooth and clean. Gentle fragrance on the baby’s body after bathing keeps him smelling. You can use it daily for your baby as it is very gentle and will not harm the baby like other shampoos.

Made with tear-free formula, this shampoo is especially a baby product and designed for keeping the baby’s hair smooth without harming the delicate scalp.

This shampoo is also free from most of the harmful chemicals and can also relieve eczema. Trying for different baby shampoos, you should also give a trial to this shampoo as well and we hope you would find good results.

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Final Thoughts

This was the review of 10 best and top baby shampoos for growing hair of your baby. We hop these shampoos will help in stimulating your baby’s hair growth.

Now the decision is up to you which one of these you like the most. Choose one according to your budget and read completely about that product here as well as on Amazon. Get the one now before it runs away.