How Often You Should Bathe 1 Year Old Baby
Bathe Frequency 1 Year Baby

You must have heard a lot of things regarding your 1 year old baby i.e how often to bathe your baby, why not to bath daily, what to do if he gets dirty anyway. It is clear that you should not bathe 1 year old baby daily because of several reasons for the skin.

1 year old baby is still a very small baby and his skin is too delicate. With the passage of time, his skin is adopted to bear frequent bathing without causing any serious problem to the skin.

1 year old baby taking bath

But in this age of development, you have to take care of a lot of things for the best and healthy future life of your little baby.

As your baby grows, different people in your family give different opinions regarding different things. Unfortunately, most of them have no research behind it and give their own opinion. Their opinion may be good but may cause problems because they are still not experts.

As a mother/father it is better for you to know what is best for your baby and what is not. Here we show you how often you should really bathe your 1 year old baby.

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You should bathe your 1 year old baby with a gap of 48 hours and not to use soap every time. Soap is actually irritating and frequent use of soap can harm the skin.

The best strategy for a baby of this age is one bathe with soap and one bathe without soap. The frequency of bathing also depends on how often your baby gets dirty.

frequency of bathing

Another way is to consult your doctor once and he will recommend you best bathing frequency depending upon the condition of your baby’s skin.

Actually this suggestion is a general formula and we cannot suppose it to be perfect for every baby. Eczema and such other conditions can cause if you don’t care about the bathing frequency of your baby.

You should keep in mind never to bathe your baby daily because it will dry out the skin of your baby.

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To see the baby dirty, most of the parents think that it is better to bathe baby daily and it is good but make sure to consult your doctor before it because there may be any medical reasons. If your doctor allows, then you worry ends and he will also suggest you about using soap and other important things.