EdgeStar DWP62SV Countertop Dishwasher Review

EdgeStar DWP62SV is one of the best and affordable countertop dishwasher. Good for many reasons. It has such qualities that are not available in other countertop dishwashers.

It comes in silver and black color with 6 place settings. It’s worth is in its pure and rich material.

This dishwasher is designed especially for families with kids. The kids lock feature, baby wash cycle and sterilization of baby products like feeders makes it more worthy.

We will discuss its features and share with you the thoughts of people who have purchased this product and what they feel to have it.

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This countertop dishwasher comes with a lot of features which are discussed below.

6 place Settings

It comes with 6 standard place settings and its size is such to adjust under most of the cabinets. About 17 inches tall this dishwasher can be adjusted in the kitchen without permanent installation.

It can be adjusted even below the sink if you like it.

Save Water and Electricity

As compared to many other dishwashers it consumes less water and energy and helps you to conserve natural sources of clean water.

As said by the manufacturers, it consumes about 200-kilowatt hours per year which is 61% less than other dishwashers.

Only 2.85 Gallons of water is consumed in normal wash cycle. It will reduce your electricity as well as water bills which ultimately saves money every month.

Good Look and Easy To Use

It has seven wash cycles and is very easy to operate and understand its features. The interior is of stainless steel and shines bright increasing its look.

It will increase the beauty of the place where it will be placed.

Kills Germs

The water is boiled up to 149-degree Fahrenheit which kills germs and bacteria giving you neet and clean dishes and preventing you from any disease caused by these things.

Powerful spray arms wash your dishes thoroughly.

Beautiful Digital Display

You can control everything on the beautiful digital display panel and see everything there easily in a more comfortable way.

Power and Noise

The power used by this dishwasher is 1160 watt which is almost equal to an iron. It operates at 120 volts/60 HZ.

The noise level is about 52 decibels which is so small to produce any disturbance for you.


It comes with 1-year warranty of parts and 90 days labor warranty.


The package comes with Quick connector, Faucet Adaptor, Cup Rack, Cutlery Basket, Inlet and drain hoses.

User Manual

You must read the user manual at least once to understand and use it in a better way.

Download User Manual

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Reviews of People

Here we write some lines regarding what people think about this dishwasher who have purchased and used this dishwasher.

It is true that some people have problems with some appliances for hundreds of reasons but the pro or con of any product depends upon the review of many people and not the single one.

This dishwasher is delivered faster than you think and comes safely with all the accessories promised with the package.

It is about the size of a microwave oven where you can place a lot of dishes and pans in it.

Countertop Dishwasher

Helping dishwasher for wheelchair users because it’s size is to adjust according to it.

It works well throughout its life span reducing your worries about getting damaged or repairing it for any problem. It works like the first day always.

One problem in this dishwasher is that you cannot use tabs, pods, and handwashing detergent. You have to use liquid detergent and cascade does better in this case.

This is almost quite except during draining of 10 seconds.

Unable to afford some large plates. It must be half an inch big to accommodate big plates as well.

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Our Verdict About EdgeStar Dishwasher

Today in this age a dishwasher is one of those kitchen appliances that everyone must-have in the kitchen.

It is not only the need for the kitchen but the beauty of the kitchen. It gives addition to the look of the kitchen so everyone wants to have it in the kitchen.

For the beauty of the kitchen style, the look of the dishwasher does a lot and must be good which you can find in Edgestar countertop dishwasher.

If your kitchen is small then your dishwasher must be small enough to be accommodated easily. This dishwasher is only a bit larger than an oven and can be adjusted even under the sink.

EdgeStar DWP62SV in kitchen below sink

Durability, performance, and look are the leading features of this dishwasher.

Although this dishwasher is small but with all the features that should be available in any dishwasher. It is good for small families only. It is more good for families with small kids.

You can view all the settings on the LCD display and Start Delay function helps you to set the length of the wash cycle.

To make baby products hygienic clean, parents have to take a lot of effort. This dishwasher has solved this problem of parents. Baby wash cycle is designed for sterilizing baby products.

The baby lock allows you to deactivate the control panel to avoid your children from touching it or pressing its buttons.

Now we write some pros as well as cons of this dishwasher to understand its properties in a better way.

  • Save electricity
  • Saves water
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel awesome interior look
  • Baby wash cycle and Baby lock
  • A good size to accommodate dishes and to fit in your kitchen
  • Low noise
  • Affordable price
  • You can use only liquid soap and not the tabs and pods
  • Faucet connect problem to some people

This was all we could provide you about this dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

If you have a small family and you are looking for some high quality and affordable dishwasher then it must be your good choice.

If you have to buy only countertop dishwasher then EdgeStar DWP62SV is the no.1 in all the countertop dishwashers available in the market.

Although it is a small dishwasher, it has all the features.

You can also take some help from this video.