Best SPT Countertop Dishwasher

SPT countertop dishwashers are also among the best countertop dishwashers and are worthy as well. Getting the best model can prove beneficial to you.

One thinks of buying a countertop dishwasher when mostly the space in the kitchen is very small.

So if you do not select the dishwasher carefully, you can face not only space problems but also some other problems that come with countertop dishwashers.

Here we are going to review spt countertop dishwashers that are actually the best dishwashers in countertop dishwashers.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher SD-2202W – White Color

 SPT Countertop Dishwasher SD-2202W - White Color

SD-2201W is the best and top-rated dishwasher of SPT. It is recommended all over other dishwashers due to its look and quality.

It compromises on space but not on quality and features. You can get a lot of advantages from it just like a big dishwasher.


One feature we loved is that it can accommodate a large number of utensils in it even it is very small.

There are 6 wash cycles that allow you to wash your dishes as you like e.g for very dirty dishes you can use heavy wash cycle to wash them properly.

Its interior is made of stainless steel that is not only strong but also gives a good look and provides better cleaning and does not get damaged.

You can use it very easily by Faucet adapter. You will not need any retractable hoses.

6 wash cycles allow you to wash your dishes in different ways and you can wash much dirty dishes in a heavy wash cycle in a better way.

Water is boiled at 148 Fahrenheit to kill germs and bacteria and provide you neat and clean dishes.

  • Beautiful design to give a new look to your kitchen
  • Easily installed in a small kitchen
  • Washes big dishes
  • 6 wash cycles for a better washing experience
  • Small dishwasher with big features
  • Some people reported leak but may be due to poor installation
  • The manual needs more information added

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SPT Countertop Dishwasher in White – 6 Wash Cycles

SPT Countertop Dishwasher in White

The second best dishwasher of SPT is this dishwasher. In countertop design, it also has a lot of features and it is easy to maintain.

It has a compact body with a beautiful look and you can install it easily in your kitchen in a very small space.


It has a strong stainless steel interior and “wash arms.”

You can use 6 place settings for placing your utensils in different ways.

6 wash cycles are for washing dishes in different ways. The heavy wash cycle can be used for washing very dirty dishes and the speed wash cycle is used for washing less dirty dishes very fast.

You can see your current wash cycle from a light on the display.

Silverware basket and Dish rack can be adjusted in many ways and it weighs a little about 48.5 pounds.

The noise produced is 55db which is a bit more but still bearable.

It consumes less water and electricity so will help you reduce your electricity and water bills.

  • Easy to install and use
  • 6 place settings and 6 wash cycles
  • Consumes 4 gallons of water
  • Saves water as well as electricity
  • It can be adjusted easily in your small dishwasher and it is light weight
  • Some people reported it started leaking after six months or a year
  • Small interior
  • Produces 55db noise which is small enough to bear

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SPT SD-2202S Countertop Dishwasher – Silver Color

SPT SD-2202S Countertop Dishwasher - Silver Color

It is the third-best countertop dishwasher of SPT.

This dishwasher is almost the same as that of SD-2201W and the main difference is color.

This dishwasher has a silver color while SD-2201W has a white color.

Both the dishwashers have almost the same features and the design is slightly different.

The problem is the same in both the dishwashers. Most people have reported that these dishwashers start leaking after using one year. However, a lot of people did not face this problem and they are happy to have this dishwasher.

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SPT SD-2225DW Countertop Dishwasher – White Color

SPT SD-2225DW Countertop Dishwasher - White Color

The fourth best countertop dishwasher of SPT is this.

Although it is also a good dishwasher, it is not like other best dishwashers of SPT.


It also has 6 wash cycles that let you wash very much dirty and very less dirty dishes in different wash cycles i.e you can wash less dirty dishes quickly in the speed cycle.

The indicator that informs you about water and rinse aid supply is a good feature that is not available in the other dishwashers.

It has an LED display that tells you about the remaining time and also the current status.

Universal Faucet adaptor fits in most of the kitchen faucets and it lets you connect very quickly and easily.

This dishwasher does not start leaking after six months or a year and it performs well although it is of a small size.

The weight is very small at 43 pounds and the noise is the same as above about 55db but this noise is bearable.

  • Indicator for water and rinse aid supply
  • LED display
  • Universal Faucet Adapter
  • 6 Wash cycles
  • No 6 place settings
  • 55db of noise

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SPT SD-2225DS Countertop Dishwasher – Silver Color

SPT SD-2225DS Countertop Dishwasher - Silver Color

This is the fifth and last dishwasher of SPT.

All the features of this dishwasher are the same as that of SPT SD-2225DW discussed above.

The main difference in both the dishwashers is color and the big thing is that both have exactly the same design.

Both are liked by people, however white is most loved by people as compared to silver.

Both of these have the same weight and produce the same noise.

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Our Final Verdict

You have read the review of all the countertop dishwashers of SPT and now you can decide which is best for you.

Every dishwasher has some properties different from others and has pros as well as cons. It depends on you what type of dishwasher you need.

You can buy any of these that fulfills your needs and budget. However, our recommendation is SPT Countertop Dishwasher SD-2201W – White Color which is discussed on the top first.

The reason is that it has all those things you need and it is not even much expensive than other dishwashers of SPT.

You will get an amazing experience with this dishwasher even if you are using a dishwasher for the first time.