Danby Portable Countertop Dishwasher DDW621WDB Review
Countertop Dishwasher

Danby Countertop dishwasher is also one of the best dishwashers in the market. Danby dishwashers have hundreds of positive reviews that prove the product to be very good. Here we review a model of Danby dishwashers which is DDW621WDB.

When I caught sight at this model of Danby I decided to review it because it has very excellent features and it is a very efficient dishwasher as compared to many of the other dishwashers.

We are going to discuss all the top features of this Danby model. If you want to buy a countertop dishwasher then it may be one of the best for you.

After reading a complete review you will certainly become happy and wish to buy it at the earliest.

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Features of Danby Countertop Dishwasher DDW621WDB

Here we discuss all the features of this model one by one.

Less Space

This model of Danby, as you can see, is a very small size and will ultimately take less space in your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen or apartment where you are going to wash your dishes it will fit the place avoiding you from any type of worries.

Finally, for small kitchens, it is a great feature.

Quick Connect

You do not need a lot of setup for it. You can set it up yourself very easily. There is a quick connect feature that is compatible with many of the kitchen faucets.

Low Energy Requirements

This is an energy star dishwasher that consumes very small energy and does all the work. As compared to many of the other dishwashers, it really consumes very little energy.

It will reduce your electricity bill and help you save some money at the end of every month that you were going to pay a bill in case of another dishwasher.


Interior of Danby Portable Countertop Dishwasher DDW621WDB

This dishwasher is made as small as possible. Its height is 17.25-inch, width 21.63 inch and depth also 21.63 inches. It is, in fact, a mini dishwasher.

Easy To Clean

You do not need to worry about cleaning and maintaining this dishwasher. This is the best dishwasher of the Danby company and they have really made it best from every aspect.

This is more easy to keep it clean as you think if you have used a dishwasher before.

Built-in Heater

This is the only model of Danby with a built-in heater. It heats the water but not like others to burn your hands just by a single click.

Most dishwashers make the water so much hot to scorch your hands and you cannot touch the glasses coming directly after the completion of the wash cycle.

But this is free of all such issues and you forget worrying about this feature.

Very Much Quiet

The other dishwashers of Danby were also quiet but not like this one. It will not disturb you a bit. You will be able to bear everything during its working. It is really very much quiet.

Wash Big Plates

The previous models of Danby were not able to accommodate large plates. As a result, you could not wash dishes which are slightly bigger in size.

With the advancement in this feature, you can also wash big plates in the DDW621WDB model of Danby dishwasher.

Led Display

With the help of LEDs, you can understand its settings more easily and you can control it in a better way.

Wash Cycles

This dishwasher comes with 6 different wash cycles. You can use wash cycles according to your needs.

These are normal, glass, soak, light, heavy, speed, etc.

Low Water Consumption

It consumes very less water about 12 liters per wash cycle which is best for you. This dishwasher will save your water along with the electricity.

6 Place Setting

6 place setting for this model of Danby dishwasher good for small families or couples.

Light Weight

This is a very lightweight dishwasher as well. Its weight is about 46.3 pounds which is equal to 21 kg. Due to lightweight, it is very easy to carry it from one place or room to another.


This dishwasher has a limited warranty for different parts. Time of warranty is also different for different parts, Warranty card comes inside the pack.

You can also read warranty details from the product description by downloading a pdf file.


A manual comes inside the box with all the necessary information and a user guide for this dishwasher. Manual is in three languages English, French, and Spanish.

Battery Operating

This is an add on feature of this dishwasher. You can also run it with a battery. It will be useful especially when you will be going on camping and you will carry it with you.

You can connect it with the battery of your vehicle and use it anywhere.

These were all the features of a Danby countertop dishwasher that we have tried to cover in our review. There may be some that were left.

Below is a Video regarding this Danby countertop dishwasher that will also provide you a lot of detail about the product.

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More Details of Danby Countertop Dishwasher in Video

Pros and Cons

We have studied the features of this dishwasher. Now we describe some pros and cons also that will help you to understand whether it is best for you or not and whether you should buy it or not.

  • The only model of Danby with built-in heater
  • It is really very quiet than all other dishwashers
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Can accommodate tall plates easily
  • Consumes very less electricity—an energy star dishwasher
  • A lot of functions and easy to understand and use with the help of LEDs
  • You can operate it on the battery
  • Very lightweight, easy to carry for camping
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Saves a lot of water, uses about 12 liters per wash cycle
  • 6 place setting
  • 6 wash cycles
  • Requires small space for installation
  • Does not get hot even after working a long time so you have to wash everything by hands
  • There is no timer to indicate how much time is left in completing the wash cycle
  • Sauce covered dishes need to be cleaned manually

These were some of the main pros and cons of the Danby countertop dishwasher. Now see what we think about it and what we suggest to you.

Conclusion and Our Suggestion

This is a very small size portable Danby countertop dishwasher that can be adjusted in small area of your kitchen or room.

It will consume less water and electricity making it good for a long time saving. All the people who purchased this dishwasher are very happy.

So if you are looking for something like this, it will be better than all others. You do not need to worry about anything.

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