Dishwasher vs hand washing
Handwashing vs Dishwasher

Comparison Between Dishwasher and Hand Washing

Handwashing is really a hard and tiring work that is solved by the best alternative method of dishwasher which is not only the best method of washing dishes but it has made dish washing very fast. It has ended all the worries of women who wash dishes by hand.

Dishwasher has a lot of advantages over hand washing. For example, it washes dishes better than hands, uses less water and completes your work faster than hands.

By using a dishwasher, you can wash a lot of dishes in a very low time. If you have a big family and there are many dishes that you have to wash manually then think how difficult it will be for you?

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Cheaper in Dishwasher and Handwashing

There is no much difference in the expenses of washing between dishwasher and hand washing once when you have purchased a best dishwasher.

It is only the price of a dishwasher and when you have purchased it then nothing is left behind more than a slight increase in your electricity bill.

You have to use soap both in dishwasher and during hand washing.

A dishwasher uses hot water to wash dishes more efficiently and if you make the water hot either by boiling or by means of water heater then it will also be charged from you.

Electricity Consumption By Dishwashers

Modern dishwashers use electricity power between 1200-2400 watts depending upon the quality of your dishwasher.

Be sure to check the power when you buy a dishwasher and always buy a best one even if you have to pay some extra money.

A good dishwasher can save a lot of money in bills annually and will give you a good experience.

Finally, the question of how much electricity a dishwasher will consume every month is solved by your daily use. More your dishes, the more you have to run it and more it will charge.

You can calculate your electricity consumption below

Calculate electricity bill consumption by dishwasher every month.

Does hand washing cleans dishes like dishwasher

There is a great difference between the quality of washing made by hands and a dishwasher.

While washing dishes by hands we cannot keep the water much hot because our hands cannot bear it so we can use only light hot water.

Researches show that to kill the bacteria which are present on our dirty dishes the temperature of the water must be at least 60-degree centigrade.

Seeing in this way we cannot get so much quality of washing by our hands as compared to that of a dishwasher.

It clears that if we can buy then a dishwasher can do better for use.

So you have some idea of Handwashing vs Dishwasher comparison and which one is good for you. It is now up to you to decide whether to use a dishwasher or not.